YOLF + My Parents + IKEA

What a week it’s been, friends. There are so many people traveling and working and being adults, it’s the weirdest thing. And then there’s me, struggling to put together and IKEA chair.

On Wednesday, I ventured back down to Orange to go on an IKEA adventure with Jordan (the only acceptable guide through that crazy, crazy place) and we stoked up on all of the furniture I needed for my apartment. To reward ourselves for our hard work, we (of course) went to Disneyland. I got to see the new parade and fireworks show for the first time, and Jordan got to see me see the new parade and fireworks show for the first time, so really, he was the real winner. At 12:30am, we sped back up to LA and stayed up until 6am talking. We slept (napped) until 9:30, and then we were up and at ’em, lugging furniture from the car to the apartment and setting everything up. That night, we traveled back to Orange. Then I got to live at YOLF for a few days, and dear lord, was that an experience.

For those of you who are unaware of Chapman and Beta and the general shenanigans of the area, there is a Beta house called YOLF (You Only Live Forever… just the douchiest possible name. I’m not wrong) and Jordan moved in there a few weeks ago. It’s one of Beta’s main party houses, which means I had yet to see it in the daylight until Jordan moved in. General PSA: if at all possible, AVOID SEEING YOLF DURING THE DAY. It’s like seeing a Disneyland ride with the lights on, when you can see all of the dirty machinery and rope systems and buttons. Except this isn’t Disneyland. It’s where people come to get drunk and make out with randos. So obviously it’s so, SO much worse. But the guys that live there are great, so I took comfort in that.

Being on campus was weird, but not as weird as I expected it to be. We sat on the steps of Memorial for a while, which was strangely comforting. We also got no sleep whatsoever when I was there, so that may have added to the blissful delirium… I have no way of knowing, really. Wait, you see that little blue guy in the corner, too, right? He’s there, right? I am not crazy.

Anyway, no parties were held at YOLF when I was there, which made me appreciate the place a little more. Jordan’s done a fantastic job with his room and after a while, I stopped noticing the “questionable” stains on the living room carpet. Though I never took off my shoes. I mean, come on.

Today, my parents were here helping me set up all of my brand-spanking-new IKEA furniture and basically bring my apartment up to about 75% on the “how set-up is this place” scale. Now it looks a little more like an actual apartment that a person actually lives in. There are barely any trash bags full of clothing and shoes laying around in the hallway. There’s an actual lamp in the living room. I don’t know, guys, I feel like I gained 20 adult points today. Don’t ask me about the adult points scale, I don’t want to talk about how behind I am.

Anyway, my parents are basically the best. My dad set up arguably the most complex IKEA dresser I’ve ever seen, and he did it completely by himself (not because mom and I didn’t want to help, we totally tried) so, of course, we all went out to eat Italian food and drink wine to celebrate tonight. And that’s why this post is so late. And now I want to ride this wine-buzz all the way into bed. I’ll see you nerds next week.

As my mother once said, “I’m just standing here… you know… thinking about Mad Men.”


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