The Feels

Super short post today to off-set the novel I wrote last week (and I couldn’t even include every detail–I keep remembering tiny, hilarious moments, and saying “damn that didn’t make the blog” out loud so my priorities are adult and practical). Just a quick word on Tropical Storm Simpson.

With the release of Adele’s new song, the overwhelming amount of tests & papers I have for school, my super-fun anxiety attacks, and new choices I have to make, I’m running on like 13% day-to-day. Those feelings mixed with all of the happy little things–upcoming Halloween shenanigans, some travel plans, my general friend group of loveliness, and my super-supportive parents–are creating one of those “hot-weather-mixing-with-cold-weather” type things that’s leaving me in a constant state of confusion, and that makes for a v unpredictable Megan. Not like you guys should be worried, it’s more like I should be worried, because so far, the only person I’m surprising with my moods and quick-changes is myself. I know everyone knows feeling optimistic/”MY LIFE IS GREAT LOOK AT ALL THE PILLOW PETS I HAVE AND I CAN PAY FOR THINGS AND I LIVE IN AN APARTMENT BUILDING THAT HAS A DOG PARK” and then suddenly feeling overwhelmed with twenty-something-life-anxiety. So that’s Tropical Storm Simpson right now.

I’ve used the term “Quarter Life Crisis” before, but I don’t think I truly meant it until now. I definitely made a blog about being on the verge of this kind of situation over the summer (I checked) so I guess this makes sense in a way? Like I kind of saw this coming? You know, my general day-to-day life stuff mixed with my existential “WAIT WHATS HAPPENING WAIT A MINUTE” feelings: coming together to create my dismissive sense of humor, my weird knee-jerk reaction to say the word “same” while essentially making a ‘peace’ sign over the side of my eye (Chapman kids may understand this), and my affinity for pretending I know how to moonwalk while saying “moonwalking away from my responsibilities” a la Nick Miller of New Girl.

Like it’d technically more comical than anything else, so no need to worry about me, I’m just going through some episodes. And by that I mean I’m watching a lot of Netflix. Also I love to liken my own life to a TV show. I learned a long time ago not to pretend my life was a movie, because movies are over in under two hours and their structure is crazy rigid. Nah, my life is a TV show: a bunch of problems, gradually solved one after another by Shonda Rhimes or Tina Fey. Honestly my life is 30 Rock. Minus the New York. And the writing for a sketch comedy show. And the blonde woman that’s so self-absorbed that… oh wait no, never mind.

Basically I’m the love child of Jenna Maroney and Liz Lemon if Liz were my primary caregiver. Okay this took a turn, I’m going to maybe write my paper now.

As Natalie Tran once said, “You know what I’d be worried about in a zombie world? Losing my hair tie. Lots of hair tie raids in my squad”


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