There Are Places

If you finished off my title by singing “we can hiiiiiiide” in your head (re: Taylor Swift) then good for you. I thought of that title and now I can’t stop hearing that song (just that part of the song, I might add) replaying over and over again in my head. Ugh, someone sing “Get Low” or something to me… that’s the song I usually have stuck in my head anyway.

I’ll be honest with y’all (“ah yeah thanks, Megan, I’ve gotten so used to your lying!”) I don’t really know how to write the blog today. When I woke up Friday morning, my plan was to re-cap my super-secret-surprise trip to Seattle for Matt’s birthday. (Spoiler alert: he was sufficiently surprised). However, when I landed in Seattle, I was walking swiftly and excitedly toward baggage claim, glued to my phone like any good Millennial, when I saw the news. Now, I’ll admit that terrible things have happened all year, both nationally and internationally, that I have not commented on via this blog. That’s usually because I don’t know how to formulate my thoughts in an appropriate and meaningful way. However, I wanted to say a little something this time, because terrorism is affecting so many people all over the world.

I took two planes this weekend. I’m going to be taking more in the following months. Planes already make me incredibly introspective, but the added amplification of terrorist attacks just makes it that much more nerve-wracking. Over my weekend in Seattle, I saw a lot of support for Paris: The ferris wheel and their stadium sported the French colors, etc. I don’t want to repeat what’s been said a million times over social media, but maybe for the millionth and first time: Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Japan, Turkey, and more countries suffered great tragedies in the last week as well. Plain and simple. Ma coeur, Paris, was hit hard, and so were they.

This weekend (as with most of my weekends away) reminded me that I live a charmed and privileged life, to be able to jet up to Seattle to dash into a restaurant and hide behind a tiny menu, waiting for one of my best friends to round the corner so we could casually yell, “Oh, hey!” when he sees our faces. We used our crazy technology to coordinate this whole stealthy mission to another state in order to make Matt’s birthday a memorable one, full of his idiot friends. We got to do that, and dammit, I am so thankful. Even when everyone told me that “only tourists use umbrellas” so I got soaking wet walking around Pike’s Place: Disneyland umbrella sitting comfortably in my purse under my arm. Even when Matt said the underground tour was “super close” and that there was “no need to Uber” and then he was wrong and we walked forever, also in the rain. Even when we went to the wrong tour place and they told us that “this wasn’t the place, and that we’d have to walk a few more blocks to find “the scarier tour.” Even when they surprised us by telling us the tour was “mostly outside” and that they hoped we “brought our umbrellas.” Even when my anxiety was acting up something crazy about the fact that it was going to be scary. Even when the other girls had boyfriends and I told Matt he had to be my boyfriend for the night and not leave me alone at all. Even when I admonished myself for this sexist, anti-feminist thinking and gave myself the “I don’t need a man” speech. Even when, despite my best efforts, gender roles were so completely ingrained in me that I spent half the time with my face in Matt’s peacoat. Even when Marlin saw a rat and then didn’t shut up about how much he hated rodents the entire hour and a half. Even when I got hit on at a gay bar later that evening (the straight men… they’re learning! Evolving! And not in a good way! They’re just getting better at being the worst!)

Despite every ounce of complaining I’ve ever done, my life is fantastic. I have amazing friends who spoon me and hug me and love me unconditionally. I have a great apartment in the middle of one of the most exciting cities in the United States. I have loving, supportive parents (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!) who taught me it’s okay to fail & who give me the freedom to make my own decisions. I have great siblings who are smart and self-assured. I have a phenomenal extended family who keeps in touch and loves each other like it’s their job. I have skills that can be utilized toward getting paid to do stuff (…a career, I want to say? Is that the word?) that I want to do. I’m healthy, I’m young, and I’m pretty damn funny when I don’t try to be. I’m thankful, I’m blessed, I’m #blessed, I’m privileged, I’m safe. Not everyone in the world can say that. And while I’m looking at the map with a spirit of adventure and wanderlust: planning my life out, others are making different kinds of plans. Plans that, no matter where their carried out or how big the body count, need to be stopped. My heart and prayers are with all affected.

As Maysoon Zayid once said, “#CommentsSectionRunsForPrez”


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