TGivin’ Bruh

Happy Monday, Millennials! (And Mom and Oma)

After another week of jetting around the western side of the United States, I’ve finally landed back in LA for an extended period of time (three weeks) to finish up the semester and honestly go to Disneyland a lot.

Being home for Thanksgiving was a treat, and not just because it made me gain ten pounds. It was really nice to see my family and to look at old photo albums and to see how far I’ve come, attractiveness-wise. That’s probably my favorite thing about going back up to the Bay now (besides the abundance of food and the chances that I’ll be left alone with it all). Though, for today’s topic, I want to bring up something slightly-but-not-entirely related to Thanksgiving because I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while, but I hadn’t gotten the chance: Christmas.

I do not mean actual Christmas. I’m referring to the hanging up of decorations/playing of music/celebration of the holiday in November. And my argument in favor of all of that.

Let me start out by saying that putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween is pushing it (I’m looking at you, THE GROVE) but let this be an open letter to all of you that bash Hallmark and malls and your local downtown for decorating for Christmas November 1st: dude no.

Have y’all not noticed how much the world kind of sucks right now? And that’s a really colloquial, down-played way of saying it. But everything is the worst. And you don’t want to see an ornament anywhere near you because “THANKSGIVING IS A HOLIDAY TOO AND I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT.” Please. Everyone knows Thanksgiving is a holiday. Everyone also knows that it’s lumped into the holiday season. Just because you’re smelling some pine on your way into Forever 21 doesn’t mean the world has abandoned Thanksgiving. But I kind of doubt you want to see hanging turkeys everywhere. Or pilgrim statues outside your local bank. White people have always done some effed up stuff, but coming to America, bringing disease, and displacing thousands of Native Americans is kind of up there. So we focus on the day Jesus was born instead.

Of course, not everyone celebrates Christmas. I’m all for decorations that are “winter” and “holiday” themed, because who doesn’t love decorations? That are themed? And, you know, cheery and in good spirits? Seeing the video that Alex sent me of an animatronic Rabbit singing “Hava Naglia” was the best part of my Sunday. You guys have no idea how excited I am to lift her up in her chair on her wedding day.

I guess there’s an argument that it’s “too commercialized” if we celebrate early? And to that I ask the eternal question: why the hell is that? Christmas/the holiday season is commercialized either way. Prolonging the celebration isn’t making it more about that flat screen than about being with family. Black Friday is doing that.

Finally, I feel like I hear people my age say every year that “Christmas went by so fast,” which is a terrible, sucky thing. If only there were some way we could make it last a little longer without looking like a douche through January 15th? Oh wait. There is.

Early Christmas music on the radio and fake holly lining the aisles of Target is not the enemy. I happen to love listening to Christmas music while cooking/baking on Thanksgiving. Because of togetherness. And family. And, you know, like… love and stuff. I don’t have a bunch of time today, or this argument would be a lot more solid, and this post would probably be longer. But sadly, I have to go out and live my life in 65 degree weather because LA doesn’t understand what winter is. I have leggings and a crop top on. With Santa underwear. Because I’m not a goddamn quitter.

So be thankful, kids. Thankful for family and friends and love and food and the fact that I can put a wreath on my door whenever I very well please.

As Julie Klausner once said, “Oh, The Girls That You Will Ghost!”


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