Being Present With Presents

Hey what’s up hello, children of the internet. We’re halfway through December, it’s been a year since I was in Hawaii, and I’m not in college anymore. That’s where we’re at right now. I have been trying to formulate my general “Christmas present plan-of-attack” for almost a month now, and I’m still only about halfwayContinue reading “Being Present With Presents”

Double Life: Without The Cool 007 Stuff

Good day, hooligans. I’ve been taking a light sweater to school and I saw a leaf on the ground yesterday so I guess it’s officially FALL IN LOS ANGELES. It only took two whole months, a lot of 11:11 wishes, and the emergence of Starbucks’ red cups to get the season going, but nevertheless, it’s sort-of-basically here.Continue reading “Double Life: Without The Cool 007 Stuff”

Halloweekend, Unexpected

We’ve got another long one, folks, but I did bullet-points this time so I don’t have to write full/complete sentences! #EnglishMajor? I couldn’t create a witty title for this post that wasn’t some sort of play on “Girl, Interrupted.” That sounds insane, but I kept coming back to “Halloween, Interrupted” and “All Hallow’s, Unpredicted.” IContinue reading “Halloweekend, Unexpected”